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Bra Fitting Made Easy

No matter your breast size as a female you need a good supporting bra.

According to studies, most females are wearing the wrong bra size. It is predicted that 85% of females are wearing the incorrect size. An ill fitting bra will cause you to experience health issue and lower your confidence level not to mention make your clothes not look the best on you. With the proper band size, correct cup size, and the right cut/style, you can go from feeling “not so hot” to freakin awesome in only a matter of minutes after finding a bra that suits your shape and bra size. In addition, it can drastically improve back pain, shoulder pain, etc. and give you an instant makeover to where it looks like you lost weight not to mention flattering your physique.

All females should look and feel great in their bra. At Lace of Love, we aim to do just that.

Do you know how to determine your potential bra size? if your answer is no then don’t worry click on the link below to get help with determining your potential bra size. Bra fitting may easy.


  1. A smile

  2. A clothing measuring tape in inches

  3. Paper

  4. Pen

  5. Calculator optional

  6. Band and Cup Chart (provided in link above)

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