Conversations with the Heart and Soul (Kindle eBook)

Conversations with the Heart and Soul (Kindle eBook)

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Conversations with the Heart and Soul poems are religiously, socially and politically charged. In this poetry book, the author, Lacey Odoms, shed light on social issues, and experiences that we as humans experience all around the world. Through these thought provoking, vivid poems, we visit the heart which deals with emotions and the soul that embodies the essence of who we are as humans. This beautifully written book of poems will spark a conversation with oneself and others on issues and experiences related to love, life and everything in between. After the conversation, a change must occur within oneself before the change in the world can manifest.

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Review: Conversations with the Heart and Soul is a powerful debut in poetry. Lacey Odoms delivers a collection that inspires and stirs us. The poems are uniquely from a young black woman's perspective - her trials, her hopes, and her desire for a better world. This poetry makes us think, but it also makes us smile and feel thankful to Odoms for being so courageous with her words. As the title suggests, Odoms writes from somewhere deep inside her "heart and soul." Keep an eye out for future collections; this poet has a voice that needs to be heard.

Juyanne James, author of The Persimmon Trail and Other Stories

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