Bra fitting

Did you know each bra brand uses a different size system? Also, you may be a different size depending upon the style of the bra. It's better to try on every bra you purchase unless you buy the same brand, and style assuming you did not gain or lose weight. A good fit and size is very important for maintaining your posture and being comfortable in a bra.



Tools needed to determine your bra size: a clothing measuring tape in inches and centimeter, paper, pen and/or calculator.

Step 1:

Bust Size: Put on a bra that is non-padded or lightly padded. Place the measuring tape firmly around the fullest part of your bust. Make sure you measure around your nipples, the widest part of your breasts. Ensure the measuring tape is pulled snug around your breast. This is your bust size measurement. To determine the cup size, subtract the band size from the bust size. Each inch represents a letter from the alphabet. An one inch different equals an "A" cup. For example, if your band size is 33 inches and your bust size is 41 inches, you have an 8 inch difference. Your recommended bra size would be 34H. Please keep in mind this is only a starting point to assist you in finding your bra size. You may be a different size in different brands and styles.

Step 2:

Band size: Place the measuring tape firmly around your rib cage, directly underneath your breasts. Measure yourself horizontal around your body ensuring the measuring tape does not drop in the back. If you receive an odd number, round up. This is your band measurement Please note this is only a suggested estimate. If you have determined your band size to be 33 inches, try a bra in a band size 32 or 34.

Band Size - Bust Size = Bra Size

Step 3:

Remember, for the cup size subtract the under bust measurement from the across bust measurement the difference gives you the cup size. UK/US

2" Difference B Cup           8" Difference FF/H Cup

3" Difference C Cup           9" Difference G/I Cup

4" Difference D Cup           10" Difference GG/J Cup

5" Difference DD Cup          11" Difference H/K Cup

6" Difference E/DDD Cup     12" Difference HH/L Cup

7" Difference F/G Cup            13" Difference J/M Cup 

Use the charts below for bra size conversion. 34G in a UK bra brand may equal to a 3Ii US brand. 

International Bra Band Sizes.png

Love your Sister Bra SIZE

Did you know you have sister sizes in bras? You be wondering what exactly is a sister bra size. It simply means you are the same cup size in different bra sizes assuming the style and brand do not change. How so, you may be wondering. Well, the volume of the cup will remain the same and the band size will change. 

How do you determine your sister size? To determine your sister size or your alternate bra size, you must move the band and cup size in opposite directions. Please see below.

Sister size up in band: Take your current bra size and increase the band size to the next even number. Then, decrease the cup size by one letter. Example: If you wear a 34G US, your Sister Size Up would be 36F US.

Sister size down in band: Take your current bra size and decrease the band size to the next even number. Then, increase the cup size by one letter. Example: If you wear a 34G US, your Sister Size Down would be 32H US.

Someone who is a 32G cup size can fit a 34F, 36E, 38D, 40C, etc. The only difference is the length of the band. The higher the band size the longer it will be in length. This is very important to know if the store is out of your size you can turn to your sister size. For example: if you need a 34F and the store you shop at is currently out of stock, try the 32G. You may only need to get a bra extender if the band is slightly too tight. 

If you need additional assistance or to schedule a Bra Fit Consultation with a Certified Bra Fit Expect and an Intimate Lingerie Stylist, please feel free to email us at

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