Could you be working along side an entrepreneur and not even know it?

OCHRSTE Employee is Author & CEO

Could you be working along side an entrepreneur and not even know it? That’s what you will discover in this interview below about Lacey Odoms. To her coworkers she is just another employee, but to her clients she is so much more. Keep reading to get the scoop on what she revealed to Jolie Boudreaux. Writer of a weekly online newsletter for the OCHRSTE News.


“Inspire, Encourage &Uplift

Lacey Odoms (Code 50) knows her purpose is to take on the larger issues of life. In August, her book of poems, “Conversations with the Heart and Soul” was published. In it, she addresses universal themes of love, faith in Jesus Christ, and social issues that all human beings encounter. She says that her poems center around the experiences of people from all walks of life and is a result of her trying to make sense of the world. She hopes it will open minds, spur conversation, and perhaps spark a change.


Ms. Odoms is also an entrepreneur and the CEO of Lace of Love, an online boutique specializing in plus-size and full-figured lingerie. Lacey is a certified Bra Fitter and serves her clients by providing them with fashionable, form-fitting, and supportive undergarments. She says some women struggle with this issue and she is grateful for the God-given opportunity to help them feel good, look their best, and bolster their self-esteem. She credits her pastor and her family with inspiring her and encouraging her to step out in faith and to follow her dreams.


Lacey’s book can be found in paperback and Kindle editions at and Her online boutique is located at Lacey was featured in the Summer edition of FASHIONGXD magazine. The full article can be accessed at


Published Writer: Jolie Boudreaux

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