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Conversations with the Heart and Soul is filled with thought provoking, vivid poems that are religiously, socially and politically charged. This book is a must read for poetry and non-poetry lovers.

Conversations with the Heart and Soul is a book that gives hope, promotes spiritual healing, and encourages love of self, others and The Great I Am, yet exposes the harsh reality of injustice, sexism, racism, political propaganda, violence, loss and the painful suffering our youth endures through cultural practices which has become an ungodly norm. Conversations with the Heart and Soul inspires its readers to take a deep look at what they can do within their own space to have a positive impact on their personal life and within society. 

Author Lacey Odoms is a Louisianan who consistently uses her poetry as a tool to help her readers and herself work toward a heightened social and spiritual awareness and a deeper understanding of life—the choices we make, the things we say, the actions we take, the things we leave unsaid and undone and how the human experience is interconnected.

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Heart and Soul is a powerful debut in poetry. Lacey Odoms delivers a collection that inspires and stirs us. The poems are uniquely from a young black woman's perspective - her trials, her hopes, and her desire for a better world. This poetry makes us think, but it also makes us smile and feel thankful to Odoms for being so courageous with her words. As the title suggests, Odoms writes from somewhere deep inside her "heart and soul." Keep an eye out for future collections; this poet has a voice that needs to be heard.

                                                      Juyanne James, author of The Persimmon Trail and Other Stories 


About the Author:

“Speak it, believe it, be it.” Those very words have helped transform Lacey A. Odoms’ life. Ms. Odoms is a Louisianan entrepreneur and usually can be found filling orders, sourcing new products for her online lingerie boutique, Lace of Love (, or writing poetry. She is a freelance poetry writer and speaker. Conversations with the Heart and Soul is her first published volume of poetry.

Ms. Odoms has been a lifelong poetry writer and first began creating works of art through her writing in primary school. While pursuing her Bachelors degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Entrepreneurship at Louisiana State University A&M, she took courses in creative writing. 

With over a decade of writing poetry for speaking events and as a freelance poetry writer, Ms. Odoms has a unique powerful voice that sheds light on everyday encounters in her newest collection of poems, Conversations with the Heart and Soul. This collection of poems centers around love, faith, hope, social issues, and being human. Much of her writing is heavily influenced by New Orleans culture, issues experienced by individuals around the world, and her faith in Jesus Christ. 

You can contact Ms. Odoms for freelance poetry writing, speaking engagements or services related to her lingerie business at

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