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Breast Health

Did you know wearing a well-fitting bra can instantly help you look like you have lost weigh and define your waist making it look smaller  and make your clothes hang better. In addition, it will improve your posture and cause you to stand taller and feel sexier. I can't think of anyone who doesn’t want a bit of that? 

2 Reasons a Poorly Fitting Bra is Hurting Your Health

  1. It's Unhealthy: a poorly fitting bra can cause bad posture  back pain, chest, neck and shoulder pain. In addition, it can cause the breast to sag at a faster rate. Normally, the breast will gradually sag as you get older. 
  2. It's Uncomfortable:  A poorly fitting bra can be painful. It can cause the breast to jiggle around as you walk or go up and down stairs. Some females complain about the wires digging into their armpit, which is caused by a poor fit, female torso is short, etc.