Lace Face Mask

Lace Face Mask

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Who said your face mask cannot be sexy??? Lace of Love decorative sexy lace face masks to match some of our sexy and beautiful lace bras. 


A mask made of two layers of wigofil, white, dust-free non-woven polypropylene fabric (used to make protective garments and medical clothing), with a density of 50g/m2 for each layer

  • Top layer decorated with lace and fabric to match the respective bras.
  • It comes with a firmer nose clip - moulded once it does not lose shape during wear.
  • The mask does not let water through
  • Doesn't let through spray particles
  • Doesn't let through talc particles
  • Comes with elastic earloops (their color may differ from the ones in the photo).

CARE: use cool water with lingerie detergent to clean. Allow to air dry. If you use water temperatures higher than 70 degrees the color may fade. DO NOT USE HEAT.

The product is non-sterile.

Can be used widely as a protective gear. 

One size fits most.

NOTE: The mask is not a medical product and it does not protect from viruses.