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"Lace of Love select bras made with you in mind."

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"Lacey was very informative, personable, prompt!! I learned some new things when it boils down to proper bra care and breast health. Even with chronic pain and body changes, Lacey was fully prepared for all of my questions. I even learned a thing or two about the various types of bras...I feel like a new woman. Something about a perfectly fitting bra brings confidence to another level. -Tamika Smith

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Bras for All Breast Shapes & Sizes

We specialize in large bust and hard to fit bra sizes. To experience the large selection of bra sizes, you must schedule a bra fitting. On our website we only offer a small selection of bras. Doing this, helps to ensure our clients' bras fit properly and they are satisfied with their purchases.

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Are you tired of your breast hanging, readjusting your breast throughout the day, poking wires, wearing two bras just to hold your breast in place, or just over poorly fitting bras? Then, schedule your bra fitting today with Lace of Love.

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