About Us


I am Lacey. The founder of Lace of Love. Lace of Love is a boutique that provides lingerie and ladies apparel for curvy females. My obsession with women’s apparel and lingerie started as a young teen. 

It was not always easy finding beautiful clothing to compliment my curves. It was difficult to find cute, stylist and comfortable bras in my size since I was a D+ cup size in bras as a teenager and young adult. Today, I wear a 34HH. I would get really discourage and feel like a freak since i could not just walk into a store and find the size i needed in both clothing and bras. I vowed to start my own company to help other females like myself. 

Lace of Love was founded because we know its not easy to find large cup bras and stylish clothing that compliment your curves. We aim to solve that problem.

-xoxo Lace of Love