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Lace of Love Discuses Free Bras to Hurricane Victims in 2020

Owner of Lace of Love, Lacey Odoms went live on IG with Chasity "Champs" Jones brand genius behind #WakandaWednesday hosted on @worknetworkwerk If you missed this heart felt #WakandaWednesday, don't worry. We managed to save the last 15 minutes of this amazing IG Live video just for you. Click here to watch.

Chasity known as Champ got her audience all rounded up with her bubbly spirt and love for bringing exposure to Black Owned Brands that provide both products and services. Lacey sat down to discuss how individuals can support service based businesses even if the service was not needed by the individual.

Lace of Love owner talks philanthropy on providing free bra fittings and free bras for Hurricane victims in Louisiana during the month of September 2020. Yes, a small Black Owned business can have an impact even during a down economy and a pandemic.

No matter how small your business is, it can still have an impact on the lives of others. 

If you are wondering how you can support service based businesses like our company Lace of Love, keep reading. Below are a few ways owner of Lace of Love identified below to support her company and other service based companies.

How to support service based businesses:

  • Word of Mouth: If you see a good brand/company, tell others about it. Although statics show only 13% of sales usually come from word of mouth, it is a very powerful tool for small business that need every dollar.
  • Share, Like, Comment, Repost the company's social media posts
  • Follow the business on social media
  • Write a review
  • Share your interactions with the business. Maybe you never purchased a service but you did ask questions and the company was helpful

Keys to Success:

  • Plan to give back to your community and make it a part of your business plan
  • Get a mentor that is within the same industry you desire to operate in or you are currently operating within, so you can learn some of their keys to being success within your industry.
  • Build your company slowly. Don't try to grow to fast looking at what others are doing. Its a pretty go chance they are 10 years into their business. Success doesn't happen over night. You must plan to be successful and it takes time. 
  • Put God first and allow Him to guide you. If 2020 has not shown us anything, it has revealed how we need Jesus.


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