Conversations with the Heart and Soul

Conversations with the Heart and Soul

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Conversations with the Heart and Soul is a collection of poems that speak boldly and unapologetically on issues affecting blacks and females. It dives into issues and experiences related to love, lost, pain, racism, Faith in Jesus and everything in between.

Much of Lacey's writing is heavily influenced by New Orleans culture, issues experienced by individuals around the world, and her faith in Jesus Christ. 




Conversations with the Heart and Soul is a powerful debut in poetry. Lacey Odoms delivers a collection that inspires and stirs us. The poems are uniquely from a young black woman's perspective - her trials, her hopes, and her desire for a better world. This poetry makes us think, but it also makes us smile and feel thankful to Odoms for being so courageous with her words. As the title suggests, Odoms writes from somewhere deep inside her "heart and soul." Keep an eye out for future collections; this poet has a voice that needs to be heard. - Juyanne James, author of The Persimmon Trail and Other Stories

Great book touches on today's society, it's definitely a conversation one should have with their heart. - Joshua S.

I absolutely love this book. Set some time aside to read it because once you start, you will not want to stop. I read the entire book in a day. Very talented author. She writes in a way that makes you visualize what she’s speaking about. Can’t wait for the next book. - Roslyn Floyd

Wow! Odoms goes over a variety of life issues in the book. This talented author takes you on a journey into deep thinking. Her strategy is flawless. She sets the tone with the first poem and ends the book with love! Can't wait for the next book! - Frederick Riley

I just read “Caught Up” and “Didn’t Know It” and “Just Another Number”…OMG! Awesome Read. - Dunn

It’s an awesome read with loved ones. It opens a door to your heart you thought couldn’t be reached. It shares everything that touches base about what goes on in everyday life. We see it is a must read. I promise you it won’t disappoint. - Anonymous


If you love poetry, literature and just real conversations from the heart, watch my favorite two writers by clicking the link below.